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Who is Onkaar Gandhe?

Onkaar Gandhe is a well-known figure in the field of cyber security. Onkaar Gandhe is the founder of three IT startups. With the establishment of Cyber Sakshar in Nashik, Maharashtra, Onkaar Gandhe is paving the way for youngsters to fulfil their goals in the field of Cyber Security.


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What Onkaar Gandhe do?

Onkaar Gandhe is Founder of Three IT Startups. His rapid learning talents and foresight added many feathers to his hat, and he climbed stages of overall success consulting with various people and corporations.

Cyber Sakshar

Cyber Sakshar helps students, individuals, professionals, and elderly people with Cyber Security Awareness. Onkaar has delivered more than 1000 seminars, workshops and programmes in various formats to date. He used to help some government agencies and police in some cyber crime cases. A magazine on Cyber Security is published by them every month. Onkaar is Chief Editor of the magazine. He received the ‘Best e-Magazine Award’ from Sahitya Parishad Pune, last year.

BeeThrive Digital

He used his daily activities to help a bigger community via the empowering and holistic growth focused by BeeThrive Digital LLP, a one-of-a-kind endeavour to boost the position of learners to provide solid employment. With the establishment of the company in Nashik, Maharashtra, Onkaar Gandhe is paving the way for millennials to realise their goals in the digital world.

ON Web Technologies

This is Onkaar’s early age Start-up. While pursuing his Master’s Degree, Onkaar started his first IT company, named ON Web Technologies.

Onkaar Gandhe

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Onkaar Gandhe says..

I have committed myself to the goal of driving such changes that will give birth to individuals who lead by example; through our company, we envision India to be a hub for Cyber Security education and digitally sound entrepreneurs and discourse drivers. We have trained hundreds of students in this direction and we are getting closer to the same with each session!